Pins and Paths

What are pins and paths?

A pin is a destination, a place or an attraction worth visiting.

A path can be a route or a theme path. In a route, different attractions that you want to visit are collected. A theme path could be a delicatessen trail in Zurich.

Create an OllO World pin

To create a pin, press the Plus button. Select a photo from the photo gallery. Drag the photo to the correct coordinates. Add a title and a description. Now you have to select the appropriate category. The category assigns the pin to a theme (food & drinks, hiking, adventure & activities, events, etc.)

The created pin can be tapped on the map. A pin preview is displayed. If you tap on Show Pin, the pin is opened in its full size. The first part describes the pin. In the lower half additional photos and text can be added. This is done by tapping on the plus sign. These posts will be displayed under my curated recommendations. If another traveler publishes a text, it will be displayed under curated recommendations of others. This creates a dialogue between the travelers.

If you tap on the author, you will get to his user profile. So you have the opportunity to view his Pin & Path collection. To create a friendship tap on the icon in the upper right corner of the profile page.

Create an OllO World path

Press the Plus button on the Home screen. Tap on Path. Select pins to include in the path. Enter a title for the path. Add a description of the excursion. Select a picture for the path and save it.