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We live in Switzerland and like traveling around. We love Switzerland, it is close to our hearts. Nevertheless, we are also drawn out into the world from time to time. To look into foreign cooking pots, to discover places and get to know other cultures is a gift. After a stressful week, we need to relax from everyday life. There are many beautiful places here in Switzerland and they are easily accessible by public transport. OllO World should inspire so that a weekend becomes an adventure. If you don't want to travel, you can have a look at the paths of other users. This is like window shopping and will inspire you for future trips. 

Are you planning a trip or a weekend adventure? Do you like to share your trips and weekend journey with others? Do you want inspire other travelers or friends? Do you like to collect fancy restaurants or sights? If so, then you will love the OllO World App.

On 14th of May the "Handelszeitung" published the article "Diese Gründerin baut ein digitales Reisetagebuch" about Almandin Tec AG and the app as part of their startup series "upbeat".

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The OllO World Story

A car on the street passed by. While I was waiting at the traffic lights, a book suddenly fell onto the road. I took the little brown book and read the title: My travel diary! Imagine you couldn’t share your ideas and fancy places with your friends anymore. That’s a nightmare for all travelers. Right? And that scenery was the turning point for our project.