OllO World App for Travel Agencies

OllO World App

The OllO World App is now suitable for companies in the tourism industry. The B2B OllO World Software, travel app, is an additional source of inspiration and can be implemented individually for travel agencies, car trips and exclusive travel providers. 

The app brings the company to its customers. OllO World is used to approach customers and create interaction. The smartphone is closer to the customers than a website. Our app tells the story of the round trip so that the traveler can already experience it virtually.

OllO World Software

The OllO World software is an app consisting of pins (sights) and paths. Several pins combined make a path. The path is a round trip, which can be displayed as a tour and/or theme path. An enjoyment path could be a theme path. A round trip through a wine region with tastings and food from the region could include this.

Each tour can be duplicated and can be used for multiple trips to the same destination. This way, each travel group has its trip mapped in the app.

Your Own Branding

The app is backed with your own logo and color scheme. It is also possible to use the app to draw customers' attention to new products with greetings, to arouse interest and to present a round trip to them. The tours can also be followed virtually in the tram, train or at home on the sofa. In this way they are put in the mood for travel ideas. The app can be used for customer acquisition, it's also a renewal and addition to the website. Brochures might be replaced by the app.

After the Journey

There is a possibility to add feedback from the travelers direct to the respective tour. They can add their own pictures and comments during the trip or afterwards. Travelers show the tour they have taken part in to their friends and relatives. Like this the interest of the trip can be transferred to new customers.

Customer Contact

In the app, journeys can be continuously adjusted or supplemented with new impressions. The contact with customers is established via your own tours. Less paper prints are needed. Trips for the coming season can be entered continuously. If a trip needs to be adjusted, it can be done directly in the app, even during the current season. Customers are always up to date and they have the opportunity to get in touch with a direct link to the website to book or make an appointment.

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