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OllO World App - Your Travel Guide

Find pins and connect them to a path. Discover inspirations and trends, which other users have left for you.

During or after a trip, record experiences that document the places visited or show activities planned for the future that may be of interest to others.

Your Pins & Paths also excite the interest of other users. This makes the app an inspiration and communication platform for your present and future adventures. All pins, also those from other users, can be added to your own paths. Thus your own, colorful OllO world is created.


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OllO World is your future travel companion. Record your travels and share your adventures with other travelers.

OllO World APP - Everything at a glance

  • Time saving: You can find your own travels within seconds. The annoying scrolling through the photo stream is eliminated. 
  • Find Inspirations: Check out inspirations from other users.
  • No getting bogged down on the Internet: Search terms take you directly to the search results
  • Structure: Pins (sights) & paths (round trips/tours) structure the journey and visualize the adventures. 
  • Include favourite products: Places such as shops, restaurants and hotels of advertisers can be integrated into your own trip. 
  • Communication and interaction: Communication with providers and other travelers creates trust and direct contact.
  • Direct link to Sponsor's Web Site: For bookings, reservations, orders etc.
  • Corona Ambience Badge: which protective measures the guest can expect
  • Surf in the App without user login is possible. To create your own contenct and to comment an acount is needed.

Advertising Pin

A path consists of a bundle of pins. The traveler can combine different pins to form a personal path. Many travelers also post restaurants, hotels and shops on the social media. Favorite places are generally included in a round trip. Already existing advertising pins can be integrated into paths of the travelers. In this way, the advertising pin promotes interaction between the travelers and the providers.

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 What are pins and paths?

A pin is a destination, a place or an attraction worth visiting.

A path can be a route or a theme path. In a route, different attractions that you want to visit are collected. A theme path could be a delicatessen trail in Zurich.

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Each pin has an assigned category. Categories help to bundle the interests and makes future queries easier. We have chosen eight categories for OllO World:


Tour de Suisse with Olga & Ollo

The two groundhogs Olga and Ollo have woken from hibernation and are looking forward to spring. Their home is in the Avers valley, a region in the canton Grisons. As there are no people to be seen far and wide, they are very surprised. "What is going on here?" they ask themselves. To find out, they have planned a Tour de Suisse and are looking for interesting places to talk to the tourists.
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